Here you will find ideas and printables for all kinds of games designed for groups.

This site will give you ideas and resources that will be perfect for your next party or social get together as entertainment and recreation. These are games designed for baby/weddding showers, Women’s groups, church groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, picnics/BBQs, reunions, anniversary parties, Girls’ Night Out parties, and more.

However, if you have been designated as the facilitator of a large group of strangers at an event like a seminar, workshop, conference, tour group, or retreat you will also find lots of suggestions to help you here.

Good group games include everyone and are easy to learn with a high frequency of participation with entertainment value for the others while it isn’t their turn. Each “turn” is of short duration to eliminate the spectators from becoming bored. In large groups, player elimination should be kept to a minimum because sitting on the sidelines isn’t much fun.

A good group game can have many benefits for the members. They can be used to help form bonds between people, teach a skill, entertain, brainstorm, encourage trust, build co-operation behaviors, introduce concepts, help develop creativity and imagination, even provide exercise depending on the type of game played. They should be fun and never mean-spirited or embarrassing for any participant.

As the facilitator, you want everyone to feel included and welcomed by all but to do that you need to take your group of strangers and help them get to know and be comfortable with each other. This is where the category of the icebreaker game comes in. Icebreakers are usually the first type of game to play in a group of strangers to help them introduce each other without the boring “let’s go around the room and everyone stand up and say a little about yourself”. With this approach some will try to monopolize the group when it is there turn in the spotlight, while others are feeling sick to their stomach worried about what they will say when it is their turn. In fact, odds are that many were thinking more about what they were going to say or looking around or reading the brochure than actually listening to the one speaking. Not the best start to your event.

Look through the categories and find the perfect game for your group. Check back often as this site grows and sign up for the newsletter and get a set of free printables you can use for your event. Feel free to customize any idea here. Customized printables are available for purchase. Click here for more info.

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